Clarity Starts Now: 3 Steps to Ditch Confusion & Overwhelm

Apr 26, 2023
woman feeling confused about what to do next

When a moment of doubt creeps up on you, remember this: your body knows the path forward.

In the midst of the confusion and fear of choosing the wrong path, missing the right sign, remember this: there are infinite paths to reach your goal.

What blocks this path? Your mind. Fear, anxiety, worry, gripping, striving, desperation, avoidance.

What causes these states in your mind? Energy of your past conditioning, some entirely subconscious you don’t even know exist.  Past trauma, belief systems, family/generational ways of moving through life, societal programming, negative attachments to people/things, and more.

And so, with simple logic, we arrive at the root cause of the problem: energy within you blocking your path. It’s really that simple.

The ticket to freedom: Surrender. Faith. Trust. Alignment. Flow.

When you feel confused, follow these simple steps to get back into alignment and flow, where you can manifest your desired next steps and outcomes.

  1. Get your ground. Get out of the mind and into the body. My favorite two ways to do this: senses and breath. Option 1: Focus on the five senses. Take a few centering breaths. As you focus on the five senses - what you see, feel, hear, smell, or taste - you’ll feel your mind quiet. Option 2: Concentrate deeply on the breath, feeling the air coming in and going down, then releasing. You’ll feel yourself pulled back to center. Structured breathing can help too: inhaling to the count of four, holding to the count of four, then exhaling to the count of four. There are many other possibilities, google can help you find a breathing exercise perfect for you.
  2. Surrender. You’re likely programmed to believe you need to think your way out of the situation. “If I can just find the right supplement, job, customer, teacher,….all my problems will be solved.” But newsflash: there is no one thing that will fix you. It’s a process of surrender that will allow the perfect solutions to come into your life. By gripping to the anxiety and fear of needing to find the ‘right’ solution, you’re blocking flow. So focus on surrender, with a certainty the solution exists, you just need to be open enough to receive it, and allow it to come to you. This should not be confused with passivity, where you curl up on the couch and do nothing. Denial and avoidance will not achieve your goals. But surrendering the fear, gripping, and anxiety will make space for inspiration and guidance to come to you.
  3. Take inspired action. While we can’t force solutions from a place of fear, neither can we achieve our goals without action. Instead, we can welcome the change we desire from a place of alignment and flow. Our creative energy moves through us. Anxiety stops it, surrender allows it to flow. Once it is flowing, we must take action, even if it scares us. Change can be overwhelming and scary but it can also be freeing, powerful and joyful. Listen to that little voice within that is encouraging you to make a change. Become aware of fear voices that discourage you. Explore them. Is it self-doubt or intuition? As you practice, you’ll learn to discern the constructive from the destructive.

Use these tips to get back to center from a place of confusion.

If you just can’t seem to hear guidance or feel flow, schedule a connect call with me here and let’s talk about your situation. Often, my clients have one or two significant threads of energy blocking their path. Awareness can be 80% or more of the solution. Just realizing the patterns that block your progress can free your inner guidance system. It’s time for you to find the freedom you desire...of mind, of body, of life.

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