Can you make it to the top?

Nov 03, 2021

“I’m not sure I’m strong enough. Can I really do this?” That’s the story my subconscious repeated as I neared the top (half way) of a 7+ mile hike with an 1100 ft elevation gain. 

If you know much about me, you know I’ve traveled my own health journey. A health crash that started 17 years ago led to a hard crash (barely functioning, a completely messed up gut and joint pain). It took me years to find answers and begin recovering. 

So back to my hike. My conscious mind was fully on board and wanted to check out that energy vortex! I was feeling good, it was a beautiful day, and my bouncy five-year-old was along for the ride, ready for action. 😊  But my subconscious mind was living an old pattern.

I’m going to share an exercise to tap into your mind in just a sec. You see, old stories play in our minds until we see them and deny their truth.

I made it to the top for some amazing views. The last mile, I was tired but managed just fine!

And just like that, my subconscious mind received a new program: “You can do it! You are strong!”

By completing that hike and pushing my subconscious mind to consider a new alternative, I just reprogrammed myself to believe I can do it. I’m strong. I’m not broken, weak, unable to do the things I desire. My body is not holding me back.

Here’s a secret though: we don’t need to travel across the US to do this for ourselves!

What do you believe about your body, it’s health and it’s strength? 

Let’s do a super quick 15-20 second exercise and ask your body.

Close your eyes for a sec, clear your mind, take a couple of deep centering breaths, and ask yourself. “What do I believe about my body, it’s health, it’s strength?” Say this to yourself and then open to listen. What do you hear, feel, sense? 

My body is broken, it’s got problems I don’t know how to fix, it’s not strong? 

My body is stronger than it used to be but still not where I need it to be? 

Perhaps an emotion: fear, anxiety, grief? 

Or a sensation: tightness, heaviness, heat, emptiness in the chest, belly, feet? 

Or something else?

Anything goes, all are messages the body is sending you. So tune in and see what you pick up. *By the way, I’ll be teaching how to do this in an upcoming class, stay tuned for more info!

Let’s just quickly clear one thing up: your body KNOWS how to heal. It KNOWS how to be strong. It KNOWS the path to vitality and wellness.

So if you feel your body is not strong, not where you want it to be, how do you get back on the yellow brick road and out of the brambles?

  1. Recognize limiting beliefs about your body. Just see them for what they are: old stories, thoughts, beliefs. Not truth.
  2. Allow them to be there. Have compassion for your past and at the same time, affirm a willingness to step into a different future.
  3. Find a simple activity that can reprogram your belief in your body. A short hike? A 10 minute walk? A yoga class? A physical chore around the house? Whatever pushes your limits in a gentle way, do it! Once the activity is complete, recognize the accomplishments of your body. Own them! Recognize your body is strong.
  4. Repeat. Find a next step that gently pushes the boundaries of your subconscious mind. As you live this and help your subconscious realize this is no longer your truth, this programming will fall away.

This is a simple way to repattern and reprogram your mind. 

If you are not able to take action, recognize it’s time to delve into the energy blocks keeping you tied to your past. This is a sign there is a roadblock in your way that needs to be removed. Simple as that. Most importantly, have compassion for yourself, it is not your fault and you are not broken. I’ve felt that way so I get it, but here’s the thing: it is just not the truth! It’s just a thought and belief pattern. A story.

Let’s get to work reprogramming your body with strength, wellness, vitality. Let’s leave illness, inability to be well, weakness behind at the trailhead as you hike off up the mountain to live your potential.

It’s time for you to believe in your body.💪 


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