Are You Afraid of This Emotion?

Aug 10, 2022

Folks!! So many clients are grappling with old sticky emotion and one emotion right now is sitting atop the pile. One we don’t usually want to touch, certainly not talk about. We seek counseling for our kids when they are having trouble controlling it. Let’s face it, many of us are just not comfortable with anger.

Anger is sticky. It’s hot. It’s heavy. It’s a huge burden on your mind and body.

And if you want to have amazing, radiant health and feel free, peaceful, centered, this old stored emotion MUST leave your system! It’s hanging out in your liver, gallbladder, bladder, pelvis, gut. It’s burdening your organs, your nervous system, your body’s overall function.

And what I’m seeing now…it’s affecting your relationships and authentic connection with your loved ones.

Anger actually serves a really important purpose in the body - it helps us make changes in our lives. If we are unhappy with something, we get irritated. If we need a change, we feel unrest or indignation or frustration. It’s this energy that helps us take action and make a change. If we are unable to feel anger or afraid of it, we languish in a situation that doesn’t serve us.

So let’s talk about a few ways to get things moving in your system.

#1 Block

The number one block to healthy processing of anger is fear of it. This may be affecting you if you’ve had a volatile parent or sibling in your past whose anger was scary. In fact, it might’ve put you into fight or flight stress mode and may cause you to shut down now. Recognizing this fear can be a huge part of the solution. Yes, we need to move that trauma so anger can move in a healthy balance and leave your body.

#2 Block

Perhaps you were punished or shamed in your past when your anger exploded. Perhaps you said things you regretted, that hurt others. Perhaps you destroyed property. Perhaps you felt tremendous guilt because you know your anger scared a child or loved one. Recognizing our humanness, letting go of guilt and shame, and forgiving ourselves is a huge part of the solution to moving old anger. Once the guilt/shame has moved, it allows us the freedom to heal the simmering anger beneath the surface, that we are carrying around like a lead weight.

#3 Block

Anger is always too big, dangerous, explosive. This is true when we have a huge backlog of anger. When it has not been OK to deal with, to express, to work through, it creates a log jam. And when that breaks free, yes, it can be big!

But trust me when I say this: as you work through anger, it gets more and more manageable until one day, this happens: you’ll feel angry, communicate how you’re feeling, and take the action you need to move forward. All without a big explosion. This is the destination! ūü§©

We will always have anger (it's a natural human emotion) but once we’ve gotten rid of all the extra baggage we’re carrying around, it won’t be heavy, explosive, damaging. It’ll flow, with ease, like any other emotion.

Your body will be healthier for it, and your relationships too.

If you feel stuck or cower under the table when any sort of conflict comes up, let's chat. There are gentle ways to heal this trauma with energy medicine, without reliving it or talking about it, to allow your system to healthily process anger and amp up your health. Benefit: you'll get rid of many digestive symptoms at the same time! ‚ú®

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