3 Key Points for Crisis

Mar 01, 2023

Why must life be hard? Why must it be so complicated, or confusing, or difficult? Have you ever uttered these words? I was steeped in this point of view my whole life. As I’m emerging on the other side, I really want to speed up this process for you by sharing my own lessons learned.

Nothing makes me recoil quicker than being told I am manifesting my own reality. It must be my problem that I am manifesting illness. This idea has validity but is also full of mistruths.

Key Point #1: Yes, you do have the ability to manifest your reality. The minor detail most spiritual people leave out is this: your creative power is filtered through your consciousness. In other words, through the complete system that makes up you: body, mind, energy. If your subconscious mind believes life has to be hard or your body is not capable of being pain free or you are not worthy of feeling good…all bets are off and some of your ability to create health will be diverted to illness.

I think of the body as a prism. Energy comes in and moves through this prism. If the prism is clear, it moves through and creates health, joy and abundance. If this prism is cloudy with self-limiting experiences, traumas or belief systems, from any origin, familial, societal or your own experiences, the energy can instead move through this prism and create illness, hardship, struggle.

I don’t know a person on the planet who would choose to manifest illness or hardship. I know some folks are really unhappy and seem to feed off being miserable. But if you ask them what they would prefer to manifest, it is likely a very low number who would choose to manifest pain.

So, let’s just mark that off the list! You are not consciously choosing to manifest illness, financial struggles, loneliness, pain, or anything else. Now, do realize your soul will throw you under the bus in a heartbeat, unfortunately, to learn certain lessons…more on this in a moment. But you are not choosing your illness or difficulty.

Key Point #2: You have the power to change your prism. You are a collection of consciousness: thoughts, emotions, beliefs, energy. When you are willing to look inside and change what you believe about the world and the way you interact with life, you can expect to find healing. Letting go of fear, control, shame, anger, and all the assorted beliefs that come along: my body is broken, I’ll never heal, I made a mistake and I’ll never be able to undo it, I’m not strong enough, I’m not worthy enough, the possibilities are endless. By clearing trauma, disconnecting generational patterns, and processing old emotion stored in the body, you can reprogram these beliefs and clear your prism. This allows that creative energy to produce health, not illness. Sounds empowering, yes?

Key Point #3: The soul is in charge, not always us. Would you choose to have a health crash? To get laid off or fired from work? To lose a major investment in a stock market crash? NO! But your soul would, if it feels there are deep lessons to learn. Sometimes we miss subtle clues a chosen path is not in alignment with our goals, or perhaps we need to fail in order to own our humanness (that we are not perfect).

I’ve had lots of experiences being led down a path that did not work out, just so I could learn deep self-love and acceptance. Painful. Just painful. But it worked; I learned a deep lesson in record time. Realize there is always a purpose for the path we are on, we are not consciously in charge, and all we can do is follow the path and do our best, with self-compassion. That last part means recognizing a course correction doesn’t mean you failed, it means the universe is helping realign you. One day (not now!!) you will look back and realize what a blessing in disguise the journey was.

And so, I leave you to own this: your power, surrender, and the ability to make your life what you wish. If you feel stuck, consider energy medicine to clear your prism and begin manifesting abundance.

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