$4,700.00 USD

RZ Lightwork Level 3 Class

This 16 week energy medicine training program includes:

▪ Build an international business by learning to deliver remote healing no matter where your client is in the world

▪ Learn how to work with mind body relationships

▪ Connect with quantum energy to boost your healing work

▪ Practitioner Level understanding of anatomy & physiology for precision healing

▪ Past Life, Ancestral & Cultural imprints and how to heal them for amplified results

▪ Learn energetic boundaries so you and your client are protected

▪ Uncover past trauma creating unhealthy boundaries and energy patterns

▪ Remove toxic environmental influences that cause dysfunction in the body and mind

▪ RZ Practitioner Light Toolbox

▪ Intuitive Business 101 including Intuitive Pricing, boundaries, and creating healthy client interactions

16 Weekly classes including training and practical sessions

Live Via Zoom

August 2024

Prerequisite: Level II

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