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Health Reboot Trio

Chronic health issues got you down? Bolster the body and the mind with this package of three sessions. Immune system dysfunction is almost always present with chronic illness - correct imbalances in the immune system with Infections No More. Start changing your body's identity of imbalance with Step Into Health. And learn how to prioritize your needs with Love Thyself.

Get connected, correct physical imbalance, and set the stage for real solutions to move your health forward.

Package of 3 sessions:

Infections No More - Step Into Health  - Love Thyself

Infections No More

• Repair your immune system cells to help improve their function

• Balance the communication within the immune system cells

• Repair the microbiome and it's link with immunity

• Decrease inflammation & balance from warrior to peacekeeping mode

• Reconnect your body's innate ability to keep you safe

Step Into Health

• Release coping mechanisms developed during periods of imbalance

• Embrace Change

• Increase energy and circulation in the brain

• Release stresses of imbalance in the body

• Visualize and bring health and wellness into your life

Love Thyself

• Open up energy flow within the heart and throughout the body

• Increase compassion for yourself and others

• Decrease negative self-talk

• Improve circulation

approximately 30-minute audio/mp3 per session

These sessions will appear in your listening library. Sessions are designed to go deeper each time you listen. Listen as many times as you feel will be helpful. Listening more than once will maximize healing benefit. Purchase includes lifetime access to these sessions.

This purchase is non-refundable.

These sessions are intended to enhance the authorized listener’s general well-being. This session is provided “as-is” and without warranty. This session is not provided for any specific purpose, and general or specific results or effects are not guaranteed for any listener.  For in-depth and personalized care, please contact us. This session, and all information included in this session, are not and do not constitute medical advice or treatment. Please direct any questions regarding your medical care to your doctor or other providers. This session and the text of this session are the property of RayZen Energy.